Mega Solar Solutions

We are pioneers in the field of Solar Power Plant & Panel Technology, we are manufacturers of Inverters, On-Line UPS Systems, Solar panel PCU, Solar Inverter. Especially chip level debugging and servicing of Inverters and PCUs since 2004.

We do all kind of support for Solar power energy requirements. We have Monocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels, Thin-Film Solar Cells for different solution.

All types of On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Solution for Domestic and Industrial Applications.

We do all types of Support and Maintenance for Solar Products, Solar PCU, Solar On-Line UPS and Solar Inverters. Also we do On-Line and On-Site support for Remote managed Solar Products and Software’s.

All types Solar Solution and Support cum Maintenance, Online UPS and Inverters, Chiplevel Service for Solar PCU, Solar Inverters and UPS, Infrastructure Consultancy and Support.

Categories: Installers: Commercial Solar Installations, Installers: Rooftop Solar Installations and Solar Companies

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